Magritte image - Son Of Man

(OPINION.) Is it really just me?  This is obviously hypothetical.  If I had a pistol (I'm a firearms dealer) and I am there when half a dozen close friends start to attack a stranger for no just reason (say a Muslim or a Jew or a homosexual) and I had no way of stopping them other than to shoot to cripple - then yeah, I would do so, providing there were no legal repercussions for me afterwards (remember that this is hypothetical).  And further.  Hypothetical obviously.  Take it to a difficult extreme - if my own mother was about to do something similar, something totally unjust, random, and likely to traumatize a stranger; well then I hope I'd have the courage (if there was no alternative means of stopping her) to do the same.  It seems obvious to me.  But I'm aware that most of you wouldn't.  Why wouldn't you?  Seriously; I don't get it.